About Us

Fernwood Petanque Club is a friendly group of 35 members with both indoor and outdoor petanque facilities.  Sessions are very sociable and full of laughter.

The Mayor of Newark , Mr Bob Crowe officially opening the pistes

Our 4 outdoor sessions are played on a 6 lane piste built through money raised by the club.  Initially 4 lanes the piste has now been extended to 6 and was officially opened by the Mayor of Newark, Mr Bob Crowe on 29th July 2015.

Indoor play is in Fernwood Village Hall once weekly although more often if it rains or snows!  It is very popular.

May 2015 saw us in St Cyr, France with Newark’s twinning association.  This was a huge success with 3 trophies to bring home.  In March 2017 we travelled to Jersey and took part in a friendly with Jersey Petanque Club.  We have both friendly and league competitions with other clubs in the Mercia Region.

We are an EPA registered club and take part in regional competitions.

Fernwood PistesAs a club we often lunch or take holidays together.  Recent ones have been to Weymouth, Bournemouth, Edinburgh and Corton, Warners.  We celebrate the zero birthdays and enjoy a buffet lunch together after every Friday session.

We welcome new members from any age group. It you are interested contact John on 01636673736/07811648378 or Sally on 07479552146.

Club Meets:-

Sundays 1.30–3.30pm (Winter), 2-4pm (Summer).

Tuesdays 1.30-3.30pm (Winter), 4-6pm (Summer).

Wednesday 11.30-1.30pm (Village Hall)

Thursday 1.30-3.30pm(Winter), 4-6pm (Summer).

Friday 11.30-1.30pm, Buffet lunch 12.30-1.30pm.


Subscriptions: £10 per year, £5 in first year if joining between 1st January & 31st July.

Cheques made payable to ‘Fernwood Petanque Club’.



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